Monday, September 23, 2013

Things break down

I haven't forgotten about blogging.

I was home in Colorado for two weeks, brought Michael back with me to Botswana, traveled around southern Africa with him, said our good-byes, and went back to life as a normal Peace Corps Volunteer.

Surely, I have a few things to say, right?

Believe me that I do!

But things break down. I broke down emotionally when I had to leave my loved ones again. My adapters broke. My hot water kettle broke. An electric pole broke leaving my village without electricity for a period of time. The water was gone. And then.. My computer broke.

At least i'm thankful to have access to internet on my smart phone. It's amazing how much I use my computer for work and contacting loved ones. I will be ordering a new one, but it will be several weeks before I have it in my hands and get back to blogging, sharing pictures, working, etc.

It's kind of a blessing to be forced to have down time and reflect. Reading, writing, and sleeping more will be good for my soul after all my whirlwind adventures.

And even though things are breaking left and right.. And least my spirit hasn't. I'm happy to be in my sweet lil village, and amazed at how few months I have left as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Until next time...

Love & light,

Taking apart my laptop... Attempting to fix it (fail).