Care Packages

First of all, you are ABSOLUTELY wonderful for even clicking on this page to browse through. Thanks for thinking of sending things :o) Truly, letters make me equally as happy. I just like to hear from people back home! 

However, I've compiled a list of things I would LOVE to have if anyone is generous enough to send them to me! :o) I will cross things off as I go to try to keep the list updated!

-It can be expensive to mail things, so I think the best route is to send the padded (or bubble lined) envelopes. It costs about $16 to send an envelope that size to me in Africa.
-Write USED EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL, RELIGIOUS MATERIAL, or USED BOOKS on the outside of whatever package you send. Regardless of what you actually claim on customs, the average person dealing with the package will think it's too boring to open!
-Wrap anything that has the potential to leak or spill in plastic bags

Tate "Boitshepo" Van Winkle
P.O. Box 381
Kang, Botswana

  1. ANY ITEMS ON MY AMAZON WISH LIST. I made a list for those of you who would rather order something online. I'll be home in August - so I've set the shipping address as my mom's house & I could pick up the items then! Just search my name under wish lists/registry on amazon. :o) Most of the things on there are BOOKS and SCRAPBOOKING ITEMS to create an album of my first year of service. 
  2. Maybelline Mineral Powder, Medium 2 ( go figure, but I didn't even think about the fact that my makeup color would be more difficult to find here ! ) 
  3. Maybelline Eye Liner, any kind! (can only find make up outside of my village a few hours away by bus - so this would be a treat!) 
  4. Fanny Pack! (no but really, this would be great. such a wonderful item for traveling!)

  • Nuts 
  • Dried Fruit
  • Sirachi Sauce
  • Yarn to Crochet/Knit
  • Card/board games
  • Yoga/Pilates videos

  1. Pictures of YOU, You & I or of life back home
  2. Letters just to say hello - I can't tell you how much a piece of paper brightens my day! 
  3. Recipe ideas! send by email or snail mail... I'm enjoying learning to cook more! 
  4. Tea (Chai Tea, Bengel Spice Tea, really any kind of tea with flavor would be amazing!)
  5. Ground Coffee ( I am using a french press. Real coffee is GREATLY appreciated and preferred over instant coffee with chicory.) 
  6. Coloring books (the kids here love them!)
  7. Music (CD's or iTunes gift cards)
  8. Magazines (Economist, Scientific America, NY Times, etc.)

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