Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am in AFRICA!

How exciting is that? I'm in AFRICA!

I just started trying to upload pictures from my adventures so far, and quickly realized what a joke that was. The internet is really slow!

My flight out was great... despite what everyone thought my 15 hour flight would be like. We left Philly at 2:30 am and I stayed awake most of the day. We went to JFK, boarded the plane at 11:00 am to go to Botswana. I stayed awake and wrote in my journal as long as I could & passed out. Next thing I knew, we were being served breakfast! ( I slept through dinner !)

We landed in Johannesburg around 8 am and we ended up with long layover. Everyone in our training group, minus six of us, got on the plane to Gabarone, Botswana at 3 PM. Lucky me, and five friends, got to wait another 3 hours to leave Johannesburg at 6 PM. Anyway, the six of us landed much later and got back to the hotel 4 hours late.

I forgot to mention that we got to pick up the other 35 pieces of lost checked luggage from other volunteers on the flight before us. Imagine six American women rolling out of the airport with 14 carts of luggage... it was quite the site, indeed.

I paid a few bucks to grab internet at the hotel tonight to say I'M ALIVE! We have some things going on bright and early & then we leave around 12 to go to our training village, Kanye, to meet our host family.

I am scared, excited, and optimistic. Saying lots of prayers to remain strong through this crazy adventure! I miss everyone back home, I love you guys so much!

They are saying no contact until April 30 as of right now... we shall see! if I have a chance to contact you guys before then, I will. Until then, sending lots of love!!!!!!

Love & Light,

p.s. I wish I could describe the SMELL here. I can already tell it is one that I will miss whenever I leave here...


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