Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Power of Love

My childhood memories with my grandparents are filled with love, creativity, inspiration, and adventure. Each moment spent with them was truly magical… and after raising five of their own girls, my grandparents really had a handle on child management for their seven grandkids.

They encouraged us to play. To get messy. To seek adventure. To run wild & free. We laughed with them. Cried with them. And most importantly, grew with them.

Their disposition amazes me to this day, and each conversation with them leaves me with more wisdom and knowledge. As I grew into a young woman, they encouraged me to be a leader, to stand up for what's right, to love with all my heart, and to always believe in myself. My favorite characteristics about myself can often be attributed to their endless love and devotion to our family.

looking at old scrapbooks and listening
to stories of their youth <3 
My relationship with them only grew stronger over the years & no matter where I found myself in life, I knew I could depend on their strength. They never missed the important events - birthdays, graduations, holidays- and still managed to keep up to date with all the other details in life - who I was dating, how my friends were, my future plans-.

During my first year away from home, I was attending the University of Hawai'I at Manoa. Far from home and on my own for the first time, they came to visit, see my new life, and tour the islands. When I bid them farewell, I knew that they weren't just my family - - - they were two of my very best friends.

I made the decision to move home to Colorado my sophomore year to be closer to both of them as they were undergoing chemo and radiation. Whether they know it or not, I made that decision because they had instilled such strong family values in me - that it killed me to be that far from home. The summer after my freshman year, I used to drive to the hospital as often as I could to visit my grandmother in the hospital. It absolutely killed me to see a woman so full of love & life battling against cancer. That summer, I listened to this song on repeat - - - and cried. And prayed. And asked God to help our family. And miraculously, our family did pull through. With each phone call & doctors visit, my heart was filled with hope as each new report of good health came through.

precious moments with my family 
I've been so blessed to have such a close relationship with my grams & gramps. They are so dear to my heart… and now, here I am, thousands of miles away from home following my dreams - unable to be by their side as times get tough again. My grandmother has started chemo once again & has had a terrible time with her knee throughout all of it - only recently discovering she has gout. If I could do anything to relieve the pain - - believe me, I would do it. Waiting to hear about her progress is difficult for me, so I decided I should do a little active waiting by sending my love from Botswana.

our beautiful family
I truly believe in the power of love & we are so blessed to have such a strong family to love her through all of this. The strength and tenacity we have by bonding together is something we've all learned from the years of marriage between my grandparents. They have taught us to become the best people we can be by simply walking the walk themselves. They have shown us that nothing in life is more important than family by leading their own family in love & in Christ. Through the good times & bad, I know that my family back home will be there to support them & I will do my best to show them my love from a distance.

There is no one I love more than my family. I will continue to send my love & be faithful in prayer. Please keep my sweet family in your prayers as well, we would all appreciate it so very much.

I love you Grams & Gramps -- I am me because of you.

Love & Light,

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