Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Road Again..

What a crazy week!
My final presentation was great-- I actually had the chance to present my project to Patch and he participated in the workshop Kaile and I put together. There were tearful goodbyes this weekend and I still have lots to say about the medical elective. I will be updating more soon when I get home!

My Puppet, Teshi.
Puppet Practitioners, our final presentation
Kaile & her puppet, Lilly
Puppet workshop
After our final presentation!
The group at our closing ceremony
One of our last meals together.
!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!! 
I am on the road again, making my way back to Colorado. I stayed two nights in Columbus, OH with my friend Natalie. I met Natalie in West Virginia and we thought it would be fun for me to come see her normal life in Ohio. I met her whole family, her boyfriend, and her two adorable pit bulls. :-D I came to Louisville, KY yesterday after catching up with Sarah Huebner in Frankfort, KY. I grabbed a cup of coffee with Sarah and spent the rest of the day with step family after that. I am currently laying on a couch in Louisville, convincing myself to get up, shower, and get on the road. I will drive to Kansas City tonight and stay with a friend there.

one of nat's "puppies" sitting on my lap
Coffee with Sarah!
My cousin, Rachel
Just driving.. it's what I do these days.
I'm not sure I've fully accepted that winter is coming... I'll have to try to embrace the snow waiting for me back home!

Excited to see everyone & share stories.. feel free to call in the next couple of days, I'll be driving a lot.

Love & Light,

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