Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Gentle Reminder...

Some would like a better job,
Others, just a job.
Some would like a better meal,
Others, just a meal.
Some would like an easier life,
Others, just the right to live.
Some would like better parents,
Others, just parents.

Some want blue eyes. Others, just eyes.
Some want a prettier voice. Others, just to be to able to talk
Some want silence. Others, to be able to hear.
Some want new shoes. Others, to have feet.
Some want a car. Others, to be able to walk.
Some want the superfluous.
Others just want the necessary.

There are two kinds of wisdom: the superior and inferior.
Inferior wisdom is the one known as how much a person knows.
Superior wisdom is how much a person is aware of what he or she does't know.
Choose the superior wisdom.
Be an eternal apprentice in the school of life.
The superior wisdom tolerates; the inferior, judges.
The superior, relieves; the inferior, blames.
The superior forgives; the inferior condems.

There're some things the heart only speaks for those who know how to listen.
Written by: Chico Xavier
[translated to English]

Love & Light,

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