Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food for thought

lamb rib cage, nom nom

whole cow head,chillin in my fridge on my green veggies

food i learned to make

I wanted to share some pictures of us learning to cook traditional food. We have had workshops on how to select healthy food in Botswana and the best way to prepare healthy meals. It is going to be quite a challenge! We had the opportunity to cook three traditional dishes last week: okra and tomatoes, dried spinach with ground peanuts, and porridge made with melon and sour milk. Although they may not all sound like the most appetizing food, I really enjoyed all three dishes! We have a cooking contest coming up between all of the volunteers to see who can make the most creative dish with local food. Take a look at our cooking activities!

Also, just because I really want everyone back home to see this, I have included pictures of what I typically find in my fridge. My family owns a cattle post, so we often slaughter sheep and cow from the lands to feed our family. I thought everyone might love to see what I see on a daily basis....

Enjoy all the yummy, convenient food you have at home! I miss food back home every day. I'm slowing becoming used to the local food here, and I'm sure I will miss that too when I return back home to the states. 

Love & Light, 

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