Monday, June 11, 2012

Every End has a New Beginning

As I am wrapping up training in Kanye & looking back on my experiences, it seems as though I have already come so far. Who I am two months ago upon arrival to this beautiful country is drastically different than who I am as I write to you today. Although I have been counting down the days of training, I must admit that I am sad to leave behind my new friends, host family & all of the memories we have made together. We have experienced all the ups & downs along the way and I've realized that joining the Peace Corps has truly taught me to find comfort among all the chaos and insanity that wraps itself around me on a daily basis.

Tomorrow is the official Peace Corps Swearing In Ceremony where I will take an oath in front of the U.S. Ambassador, the Botswana Country Director & my peers to solidify my commitment as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Following your dreams isn't always easy & I've definitely found myself questioning whether this is where I should be... but at the end of the day, waking up each morning in Botswana is exactly where I need to be at this point. Sure, I've faced a lot of difficulties throughout the past two months, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. From day one when I first began contemplating whether I should join Peace Corps up until today,  it has been a test of patience, self reflection & dedication. There's absolutely no way that I could take an oath tomorrow if my heart wasn't completely sold on the idea & I can say that without a doubt, I am ready to take on all the adventures coming my way in Kang! Pre-Service Training (PST) is coming to a close & new beginnings are awaiting me in my new village. Can't really complain about that, now can I?

To wrap up PST, we had our host family appreciation event on Saturday to honor the families who have lovingly taken us in as sons and daughters. My host momma and niece came to the event & they enjoyed eating "American Chili" and learning some traditional American dances. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves & we all got a little teary eyed watching the slide show of PST that was put together for us. We've become such a close knit PC family! I will miss everyone very much.

dancing with my host niece
With my host momma & niece
Also, I picked up my cat from another volunteer this past Thursday and he has been settling into my room at home. He's a shy cat and he definitely gets freaked out by a number of things, but he is such a sweet heart. He likes to cuddle up with me in bed & purrs as long as my little host niece isn't in my room screaming and running around. Makibikibi will be a wonderful little companion for me & I think he will keep me company throughout some lonely days of transitioning into Kang.

sweet little makibikibi! 
My dad is doing much better & he is scheduled to be discharged on Wednesday of this week (same day I am moving)! It will be a big day for both of us. :-D thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts! My mommy called me yesterday to inform me that our first baby goat was born this weekend and it was really fun to see pictures of the cute new addition to our farm back home. I am also especially thankful for Mia calling me this week from Camp Wapiyapi - I wish I could be there with the kiddos, but it was so touching to hear each of their voices on the other line when they called me to tell me about camp adventures. What fun!

I am trying to get everything all packed up this evening for my big move to Kang on Wednesday. We all know how much I dislike packing.... wish me luck! :-D

Love & Light,


  1. Hopefully we are going to get to go see the goat this week, I am going to call your Mama. We will give him some love for you. Have a great move!

  2. TMV!

    I am not sure which is more cute - your host niece or your cat! Your progression in the peace corp programs is very inspiring in terms of remaining vigilant in our life choices. You seem excited to get to Kang, but they should be getting excited to see you! I miss you lots friend!

    p.s. What could be better than your mom's goats I saw last summer? ummm...BABY GOATS?! If you ever need a goat sitter, or a cat sitter - you know where to find one. I'm sure my little Winston will get along with them!

    Have a wonderful next couple of weeks!