Monday, June 18, 2012

Sandy, sandy Kang

I arrived in Kang on late Wednesday night and it has been quite an adventure! I don't have much time to write about all of it right now because I am on my lunch break, but I promise to send out a very detailed message soon. Just a few things to update you on for now:

-It is INCREDIBLY sandy here. We all knew I was moving to the desert, but imagine that everywhere you walk, you're trudging through the sand (like at the beach, only less scenic). I am already building up all kinds of muscle mass! It's quite the work out to get anywhere.
-I have a house! It's very beautiful, I will upload pictures sometime this week. I still do not have electricity, but I am starting to enjoy living my life by candlelight. I do have running water though!
-I have a new address! I got my own personal P.O. box....

Tate "Boitshepo" Van Winkle
P.O. Box 381
Kang, Botswana

I have been making a list of care package wishes... so I will throw those up here for anyone willing to be kind enough to send the items!
- Everyone here has been very kind & I am excited to tell you more about my adventures! Now that I have found the internet cafe (with two computers), I will be sure to type up blog posts more often to upload.

Until then, I am praying for everyone back home & I hope this finds you well! Look for a more detailed update soon... Just wanted to let everyone know I am alive & well. :o)

Love & Light,

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