Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Currently {June}

Looking at pictures of Camp Wapiyapi, wishing I could have been there this year. I miss my kiddos SO MUCH.

Grateful to have spent the past week at my house learning Shegalagari (the local dialect in Kang) with five really great Peace Corps Volunteers.

Wishing for indoor heating/insulation/carpet. It's winter time!

Hoping all my plans (both personal and Peace Corps) end up working out as desired.

Loving all the quality time with the kiddos in the fam.

Listening carefully to all the words flying out of their mouths, slowly beginning to piece together this beautiful language.

Reading all.the.time.

Sipping on coffee and tea, multiple times a day.

Bringing my blanket with me to my office to convince me to stay at work and out of my sleeping bag.

Advertising my work with SVAC. Our new global PC database is now live thanks to all the hard work and support from the other projects advisors. We're pretty excited to get this going after a LOT of work and emailing! You can find more info here

Preparing for a new wave of Peace Corps Volunteers to arrive on Thursday for the Boys GLOW (Girls & Guys Leading Our World) camp in Kang this weekend.

Brainstorming how I want to spend my vacation time with Michael & Kate, whenever I have a free minute to think.

Reflecting back to one year ago, when I spent my first night alone in my new house in Kang. Noting my self-growth, how much I've discovered about humanity, and where I see myself fitting into the bigger picture in life. 

Realizing that a year ago, my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer was just beginning. Now, I am busy as ever and can't believe I only have one year to go!

Love & Light,



  1. Love you Tate! Your life is beautiful. Soak up every minute of it!

    1. and I just love you! :o) can't wait to see you!