Friday, June 28, 2013

Simple joys about coming home

This past week, I was in Gaborone for my Mid-Service Training (MST) with Peace Corps. Time is FLYING by. Throughout the past year, I have seen many of the other volunteers in my training group and I've even collaborated with a few on projects. However, there were a few volunteers I hadn't seen since our last training event together in August of 2012. I really enjoyed spending time with my group, learning a bit more about how to enhance my service, and expand upon my thoughts for what I'm going to be doing post-peace corps.

(side note.. Post-peace corps? Didn't I just start this adventure?!)

Of course, like most things, MST flew by and yesterday I found myself sitting on a crowded bus back to my village. I was sad to leave my friends behind, especially because the next time we will all be together, it will be at our close-of -service conference.

But as I sat on the bus back home, I welcomed the feeling of relief of simply going home.  Going to the capitol is great - it's busy, groceries are amazing, there is entertainment, etc. But somehow, the quiet village life  still resonates with my soul and I'm always happy to return. 

home sweet home
Familiar faces smiling when they welcome me back to Kang.

Scads of school children coming up to me, offering to carry my bags and tell me about their exams.

Hearing people speak Shekgalagari, leaving Setswana in Gaborone.

Giggling children running up to give me hugs when I arrive.

Romeo with my teddy he has adopted.
Kissing those sweet little faces.

Wiping the sand off my lips from their sweet (dirty)  little faces.

Kibi cat purring and delighted to have me petting him again.

happy kitty
Hand-washing my laundry from the week.

Making fresh coffee and enjoying the comforts of my own home.

Reading Curious George to some of the little ones who stop by.

Unpacking all of the books and IEC material from Peace Corps to aid me with my work.

Resting on my own bed,
Soaking up some solitude,
and  reflecting upon all the things I'm looking forward to in my last year of service.

my favorite place to be
Love & Light,

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