Monday, February 10, 2014

The Magic of Mirrors

Hopefully you all know of Romeo by now.

He's my little heartbreaker. My family here calls him my husband - - because I told them I won't love any man here (taken!)… but they know I'm in  love with him.

For the lucky few who have met him… you know what a doll he is. I truly  can't even use words to describe it. He's this precious little bundle of joy  that was dropped down from heaven.

Anyway, I have an entirely different relationship with Romeo than I do with  the other kiddos. The other kiddos have an interest in learning English &  talking to me. Some of them just talk to hear their own voice (ayanda!). But  lil Romeo is a man of few words.

Since day one, Romeo has been sweet, respectful, and attentive. If I asked  him to do something (in English or Shekgalagari), he would do it. But never has  he bothered with talking to me. I used to watch him talk to the other kiddos or  his grandmother and wonder when he would ever begin to talk to me…

And ladies and gents - - the time has come. Romeo speaks to me now!

Slow at first…. Just a simple - BONA, BOITSHEPO! (look, boitshepo)
Then…. CATSE YA KO E KAE? (where is your cat?)

And we've progressed to talking about all the animals in books. He'll list  the animals, I'll ask him to point them out, he'll tell me what the animals  say…

Just precious. And why now, after all this time does this sweet lil 3 year  old start speaking to me? To pull on my heartstrings… I swear.

But the best part of all came today.

Romeo LOVES my mirror I had hanging on the side of my fridge. He has taken  it down and plays with it now… and I love catching him admiring his reflection.

This new toy has opened up a whole new avenue of discussion. He's less shy  about talking to me when we talk in the mirror. It's a game! He'll hold things  up in the mirror in front of us and talk about them. He'll hold eye contact in  the mirror. He talks and talks and talks!

A simple joy, I know.

But goodness, my heart just overflows.

And after putting his shoes on to go home and go to bed, a simple "i  lub you, Boitshepo" just leaves me on cloud nine.

These children are my world. Tiny humans are the best!

Love & Light,


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