Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Love Looks Like

Happy (belated) valentines day!

I've spent a lot of time the past few days thinking about Valentines Day. It's a funny day. I mean, really… I understand that some people like being showered in flowers, chocolates, and lovely presents. Some people love feeling spoiled by the person they love, and rightly so.

But that's just not me.

I think  love looks a lot different than that.

Love is so much more than romantic. Love is found in all areas of life, if we're looking for it.
Love is accepting your own flaws, as well as others.
Love is the twinkle in the eye of someone who loves you when they see you.
Love is soaking up the silence between two people, comfortable in each others presence.
Love is taking the time to help teach a new skill.
Love is helping to do the chores.
Love is the daily presence of someone in your life.
Love is communicating without words.
Love is celebrating the successes and comforting the failures.
Love is sweaty, dirty little fingers wrapped around mine.
Love is watching the sunrise and the sunset each day, knowing my Creator painted it for me.
Love is hugs and kisses, every day. Not just on valentines day.
Love is blind.
Love is the best kind of laughter that brings tears to your eyes.
Love is knowing that each person has entered the story of your life for a reason.
Love is a daring adventure.
Love is expecting nothing in return.
Love is laying on your back staring up at the stars.
Love is seeing your loved ones after you've been away.
Love is feeling your heart smile.
Love is cuddling with your favorite furry friend.
Love is giving more than you receive.
Love is writing your own life story according to your own heart.
Love is validating the self worth of others.
Love is scattering your dreams with the wind.
Love is empathizing with what others are going through.
Love is promising yourself to be better.
Love is being aware.
Love is sharing everything you can.
Love is continuing to believe. 
Love is exploring without hesitation. 
Love is refusing to let the bitterness in the world keep you from loving more.

That's just a taste of what love looks like to me.

"Love is a verb - it ain't a thing - It's not something you hold - it's not something you scream - When you show me love - I don't need your words - yeah love ain't a thing - love is a verb." -John Mayer

And I'm so blessed to have so much love in my life!

Love & Light,


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