Thursday, April 3, 2014

Made My Day

Here is a text conversation I had today that just melted my heart (I left the spelling exactly as it was, because that just makes me smile too..) Especially in a culture that doesn't express gratitude very well…

* * * * *

ME: That was so nice of you to help out at the event! I'm happy to hear it went well and you had fun too.

FRIEND: I try, it's just like u guys (Peace Corps), I always wanna do what I can to help because u've been selfless enough to come here & help us out & u work so hard, u've such a big heart & I wish u the very best in all u do…

ME: You just made my day :o) thank you! You are such a gem. This community is lucky to have you!

FRIEND: I mean it though, every time I see u guys, I'm like, wow, they endure so much just to help us, it humbles me, u're amazing.

* * * * *

Just a few words made my day. It was such a sweet thing to hear… in a thankless job, it's so delightful to hear any kind of appreciation for what I do.

And to top off my day… I spent the afternoon surrounded by my family I love so dearly. I played with the sweet lil cherubs, went on a walk with my sister, and had a surprise visit from my auntie.

morning play time at my house 

good morning, (my not so little) Ayanda
the sweetest thing to come home to -
Mama snuggling her great-grandbaby

our new tiny human we love & adore
silly Romeo 
my sweet auntie home to visit!
As things start winding down around here, I continue to remind myself that my job is to live, learn, and build relationships in another culture with the freedom to explore new things. And I think I'm so lucky… because I'm living in this moment - this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - that many people never get to experience.

My absence on my blog means one thing: I'm savoring all these precious moments and faces.

My day was made… by the sweetest and most simple things. I hope your day was too!

Love & Light,


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