Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bana Bame

Bana Bame,

Moving away from Botswana will be very difficult for me, since this means we will be very far apart. But I want you to remember something: I’ll always carry memories of you close to my heart.

I watched you grow. I held your hands as you learned to walk. I experienced joy when I heard you say my name for the first time. I kissed your boo-boos, took care of you when you were sick, handed out endless amounts of band aids and sweets, and I smiled down at you when you fell asleep in my arms. I shared all my meals, played with you in the yard, colored pictures with you, and read you the same book over and over again. I forced you to ask nicely for things, give high fives, hugs and kisses. I helped you with homework, taught you to cook, and encouraged you to ask questions about the world around you.

You knew exactly how to turn my bad days around, subtly helping me find the beauty in each day. You didn’t like to be disciplined. You didn’t like picking up your toys. You knocked on my door each and every day asking to play. You taught me how to be thankful for what I have. You challenged me and showed me what love was all about. You invited me to be a part of your life. You asked endless amounts of questions and you learned some questions don’t have clear answers. You met my friends and you loved playing with my kitty. You were eager to help with anything I was doing.

We are a family. We have fun together. We are partners in crime. We make mosadi mogolo laugh, and sometimes I think we annoy her too :o) We nap together. We laugh until our tummies hurt. We sit on the floor and drink tea. We snuggle on cold days and learn new vocab words. We make big messes in my house and then we clean it up. We are a team. We love each other.

Bana bame, ke ratjago thjathja. Thank you for loving me, too. You’ll always be a part of me.

Boitshepo ya go

* Bana bame, ke ratjago thjathja (My children, I love you very much)

* Boitshepo ya go (your Boitshepo)

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