Monday, May 26, 2014

God-Given Cheerleaders

This evening when I set out for a run, I was feeling a bit down. I'm bummed to leave this place and start a new chapter... so my mind fills up with all kinds of worries and insecurities. I felt tired before even leaving for my run, so I expected my mid-run slump. But the more I started to feel like quitting, and the more I worried about the future, the more surprises I received. 

God-Given Cheerleaders. 

Tiny humans kept running out from their houses to greet me, yelling, "DUMELA, BOITSHEPO!" Friends kept appearing along the way to share good news about their business I helped them start. The sky was changing colors to paint a vibrant mural for me. My beautiful village was giving me the strength I needed to carry on and to know I've made a difference here. 

It was delightful. 

I was reassured that God has - and always will - provide me with the cheerleaders I need to keep me going. And that is a beautiful thing. 

Thank you to all my cheerleaders out there, you know who you are. 

Love & Light, 

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