Thursday, October 6, 2011

Patience & Philosophy

The week is flying by already! Lots to try to remember.. but here are a few quick updates!

My bunkmate- Natalie- is just about as sweet as can be & we have really hit things off this week. We get along really well and her outgoing personality makes up for when I can be a bit more shy. Unfortunately, her friend Ali passed away this week in Italy. Although it is unresolved at this time, they think she was hit by a car & the people panicked and threw her down the sewer. She was living in Italy, with her boyfriend, working as a tour guide. Things like that make me physically sick to my stomach- and it is horrible to realize that events like that can happen in reality - and without any warning. She went missing when she went out for a run... The silver lining to this whole situation is the way everyone here reacted to the bad news. Natalie was far from home, friends & family, and we were all able to help her work through it. We have a yoga instructor here who practices other alternative medicine, named Indrani, and she thought it would be beneficial to do a healing circle for her. The healing circle was unlike anything I've ever seen before--- but incredibly powerful. Everyone went around the circle offering words of healing to Natalie & Indrani explained that tears are not to be seen as weakness- but rather as a sign of strength. Wouldn't it be wonderful for us all to realize that it takes great strength to be able to love someone? The pain of losing a loved one often feels unbearable, but I can only imagine that the pain of never loving someone would be even worse.

Miss Nat! 
Curriculum here is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Nothing is standardized and there is a strong understanding that all people learn in different ways. Daily assignments are given in addition to our month long cumulative project. Everyone's project is tailored toward their personal learning style, so the projects range from papers to poems and writing plays. The sky is the limit with creativity! My project is still a bit up in the air but I will be happy to add more detail about it later. The rough part about all of this is how "right-minded" all of it is. Nothing is in a linear, logical order-- enough to confuse a type-A science student! I'm used to being fed information, but now they are pushing us to take a closer look at art, language, music, and creative expression. Most people know I'm not a huge fan  of philosophy, but couldn't we all benefit from broadening our horizons a bit more? Lots of philosophical readings and ideas... plenty to wrap my brain around.

Calendar of our classes!
Indrani & Sarah (another fabulous M.D. I will try to write more about later) have explained the importance of self care and patience. As one of the youngest people here, I am inspired by all the accomplishments of the people around me & I hope that I can find patience in my own life. Things don't always work out the way we want to, but all things happen for a reason.
 "When I asked God for strength, he gave me difficult situations to face. When I asked God for brains & brawn, he gave me puzzles in life to solve.  When I asked God for happiness, he showed me unhappy people. When I asked God for wealth, he showed me how to work hard. When I asked God for peace, he showed me how to help others. God gave me nothing I wanted, he gave me everything I needed."
          -Swami Vivekananda

Love & Light,

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  1. TMV!

    I can't believe that happened to Natalie's friend...that blows my mind. But in attempt to see the good in it, she was probably in one of the best places to get the news - everyone there seems really loving and caring.

    I've decided that your school needs to come teach my school how it is done. My school = 1 dimensional, straight forward, my way or the highway status. I'd be okay with switching - I'm still that type A science student - they encourage that here lol.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying it so much! I can't wait to get all the juicy details from you. Things may not always work out how you want them to, but it is funny how true the statement, "I may not know how I got here, but I know I belong" is. You are doing something that you enjoy and thats all the matters in the long run. So proud of you missy!