Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sun Kissed

Something I've really come to enjoy: evening walks with my sister, Kabo. Each evening for the past few weeks, we head out around sunset - - simply to walk and chat about life. Sometimes it's just us, other times we find ourselves with other family members & children. Either way, it's a part of my day to look forward to.

Finding comfort in silence is not easy for everyone, but silence on our walks is welcomed and appreciated. We talk when we want, we think when we want. I love these walks.

The sunsets are absolutely stunning - memories I will always cherish after leaving here. Captivated by the beauty and filled with joy, these walks provide a perfect opportunity for my thoughts to flow freely and effortlessly.

As the sun set this evening, I marveled at the soft golden light dancing upon my skin and made note of all I was experiencing:

Holding hands with children with sweaty palms - refusing to let go.

Laughing at my sister's witty jokes. 

Running down the gravel roads, racing with barefoot children at my sides.

Smiling inside because whether they know it or not, I'm teaching them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Watching the clouds change colors and the sun dip down out of sight.

Praying for the families I greet along the way… that their lives won't be full of suffering.

Contemplating what life is all about.

Accepting the things I cannot change.

Rejoicing in the opportunity to feel truly integrated into my community.

Counting my blessings.

Celebrating all the good in life.

Love & Light,

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