Monday, April 22, 2013

All the Little Things

I have this goal for myself… however silly it may be… I'm determined to stick to it. I want to post at least 4 blog posts each month. Doesn't sound like much - but I spend a lot of time trying to think of what to write about.  I've been traveling so much this month, I feel like I haven't quite caught up with everything now that I'm back. SO- I've decided to update you with all the little things. Mundane? Yes. But that's what I feel like sharing today.

All the Little Things (from April)

I am getting over a cold, which means I'm still at the point where I can't really taste my food.

The weather is changing (finally). I'm no longer sleeping with frozen water bottles… I'm sleeping with long underwear and several blankets.

I'm getting really excited about the upcoming three months and all the wonderful events I have planned for my community. Update on projects coming soon….

There was an INSANELY violent hail storm in my village. It scared the village children to tears and the adults referred to it as "African snow."

I spend ridiculous amounts of time day-dreaming about the food I want when I come home in August (p.s. for those of you that don't know, I'm obviously coming home in August. p.p.s. those of you at home should advise me NOT to eat all the food I want)

I'm OBSESSED with my new slippers. They're seriously adorable. And I don't care if they are falling apart, they will make the trek back to America  with me when I come home.

I'm still the same girl who jumps into 1,000,000 things at once. I'm pleased to announce I am now the Serving Volunteer Advisory Council's Senior Advisor for Projects! They work with the National Peace Corps Association. I will be working to develop a new database for volunteer projects. SO excited!

I drink about 5 cups of coffee/tea  throughout the day & it's a welcome relief not to be sweating while drinking (thank you winter weather…)

I cried a little bit inside when I finished my stash of pistachios. I tried to make them last as long as possible… nom nom.

I'm learning to like the mornings again. And no, it doesn't come naturally. I'm forcing it, but I'm excited about welcoming mornings back into my life. (let's be real as well - I'm always at work at 7:30, so mornings = realllllly early.)

Lentils have become a favorite staple food. I should be sick of them by now, but I eat them ALL the time. The same applies to oatmeal.

I feel like a 12 year old girl, but I play the same few songs on repeat OVER & OVER again, singing at the top of my lungs while doing my laundry. How long ago was it when you did that? TRY IT.

I have officially stopped biting my nails. Go me.

I ordered new glasses last week because it turns out I'm losing vision :o) reading for hours on end by candlelight might not be the best thing I've done for my eyes…

I'm journaling every day again. Thank goodness.

My African kitty cat is putting on weight and seems quite happy. He's also developed a horrible habit of sitting on whatever I'm working on (computer, reading, journal, etc.)

Washing my hair gives me brain freezes again. I forgot it got this cold in the desert.

I'm happy. REALLY, truly happy. I look back on my life and find myself smiling. I really am living out my dreams. And even better, I'm continuing to work towards my next goal. I'm so blessed.

Love & Light,

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