Sunday, April 28, 2013

While I was 23...

While I was 23 years old, my life changed in ways I never imagined possible. I have learned more about myself in the past 365 days than I have in the rest of my days combined. Seriously monumental self growth and discovery!

Reflecting back on my 23rd year brought to me some favorites: favorite moments, favorite things, and favorite songs. Here's what I've come up with (in no particular order):


  1. Swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer
  2. First night sleeping in my new home
  3. Running a 5K with other Peace Corps Volunteers in Shakawe
  4. Watching "Now & Then" with Dom, Kelly & Jvani while drinking homemade sangria
  5. Receiving a bracelet with my name woven into it
  1. Wearing a traditional Tswana dress to my aunt's wedding
  1. Kissing Michael at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  1. Hugging my parents for the first time in ten months
  1. Toasting to one year of service and celebrating in the Tuli Block with my Bots 12 training group
  1. My cat surviving his terrible illness
  1. Watching baby Ayanda take her first steps and learn to say my name, Boitshepo
  1. Taking my first bucket bath
  1. Vacation in northern Botswana: Game drive to see all the best African animals, Victoria Falls, mokoro ride in the Okavango Delta
  1. Listening to hippos grunting and crickets chirping at night along the Okavango river
  2. Laying beneath the African night sky, watching shooting stars
  3. Singing along to "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show with other Peace Corps Volunteers
  4. Visiting patients in the village for home based care
  5. Weighing babies in the child welfare clinic
  1. Watching children diligently color the wall for the world map project
  1. Jumping around with the kids in the rain that FINALLY came to Kang, singing "Pula, pula, go disa!"
  1. Evening walks with my family
  1. Living with my host family in Kanye for two months and learning about Tswana culture
  2. Exploring Tsodillo hills


  1. Skype- thank goodness for staying in touch!
  1. Coffee mug- homemade by Jan's son
  1. Kibi cat- my furry lil' companion
  1. Paraffin lamp- light!
  1. Be mobile modem- how I connect to the internet
  1. The story/my bible- impossible for me to survive without them!
  1. Nike + - great for rural runs
  1. Incense holder- part of my zen zone
  1. Journal- contains all my sweetest memories of service
  1. Fan- enough said. I live in a desert.
  1. Ice pops- see above.
  1. Big sunglasses- fun and necessary!
  1. Nook- saves me from boredom
  1. Snail mail/stamps- cheers me up on my down days
  1. Camera-captures all the memories I'll cherish for the rest of my life
  1. Electric strip- my life line at my house for my fridge & computer (still no electricity in my house)
  1. Tan line on my feet- my feet are DARK. I walk a lot.
  1. Healthy nails-my nails are super healthy here for some reason. No more biting them!
  1. Head bands/bandanas- stylish ways to disguise the oily mess of hair.
  1. Umbrella- sun protection/life saving
  1. Recipe cards-adorable ways to save new dishes
  2. Head lamp-my side kick
  1. Dr. Seuss Quote: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 


  1. Beautiful Things  by Gunger
  1. I Will Follow You by Chris Tomlin
  1. 3 a.m. by Gregory Alan Isakov
  2. The Atlas by Kristin Allen Zito
  1. Cats & Dogs by The Head and the Heart
  1. Not With Haste by Mumford & Sons
  2. Better People by Xavier Rudd
  1. I'm Not Who I Was by Brandon Heath
  1. Heart of Life by John Mayer
  2. No Envy, No Fear by Joshua Radin
  1. Little Bitty Pretty Thing by Thurston Harris
  1. Via Orlando Remake by DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota feat. Dr. Maling
  2. Wildflowers by Tom Petty
  3. Breathe by Alexi Murdoch
  4. All This Time by Britt Nicole
  5. Asleep on a Train by Radical Face
  6. Adventures in Solitude by The New Pornographers
  7. Why Can't We by Asa
  8. Just Breathe  by Pearl Jam
  9. Just One by Blind Pilot
  1. Beautiful Onyinye by P-Square
  1. All My Days by Alexi Murdoch
  1. Lie Low by Plumb

23 was remarkable & I'm so thankful to spend my 24th year in Botswana too. Looking forward to all I will learn and experience!

Love & Light,

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